Management Consultant - NL

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Management Consultant - NL

Job description

We are looking for both junior and senior consultants. As long as you are exceptional and we have a click.

What do we offer a junior consultant?

  • A steep learning curve fuelled by your own initiative. You talk to key decision makers at all levels while striving for - and achieving maximum impact.  .
  • A unique feeling of accomplishment as you not only advise but also execute.
  • Exciting projects and clients.
  • A high responsibility and a lifejacket if you drown.
  • An attractive salary package and a pat on the back for a job well done.
  • A unique group of colleagues and a partner/coach by your side, all there to help.

What do we offer more senior consultants?

  • Your bonus isn’t decided by god. It’s based on your result. Do great and live the life.
  • There is no hierarchy, you are the hierarchy.
  • You also manage the company if you want to. Strategy and day to day.


What do we expect from a junior (+1 year of experience) consultant?

  • A masters degree just to prove you have character
  • A strong empathy and high EQ because you have to be able to talk to and build a relationship with anyone
  • A strong gut feeling
  • Creative problem solving, tackling complex issues, thinking when there is no box
  • Being curious, asking the right questions to understand deeper needs
  • Daring to step into uncertainty, being able to cope with ongoing or short-term changes
  • Adaptability, being able to let go of the initial plan and improvise according to what's needed
  • Finding insights, seeing links between insights
  • You are a team player, winning as a team, down to earth
  • Basic consulting skills: analysing, summarizing, concluding, building advise
  • Able to zoom in and out, seeing the system and its parts
  • Good communicator, getting ideas across
  • Be yourself

What do we expect from more senior consultants?

 Be all what we expect from a junior and don’t lose it. Plus:

  •  Functional experience: marketing, customer relations, customer service (e.g. manage a marketing funnel, understands how to decrease churn, increase conversion…)
  • Methodology knowledge: design thinking, service design, product design, human-centred design
  • CX experience: improving NPS, customer loyalty, customer advocacy, customer experience, retention, churn, customer lifetime value…
  • Industry knowledge: mobility & transportation, financial services, pharmaceuticals, HR services
  • Project management skills
  • Facilitation skills, able to generate enthusiasm and energy in others, accompany a group to achieve a specific goal, facilitate discussions and workshops